“Smear Don’t Fear ” campaign against Cervical Cancer!

“Smear Don’t Fear ” campaign against Cervical Cancer! Supported by Dubai Health Authorities! Cervical Cancer is a deadly decease and can go un noticed for years until it may be late! Papsmear is a very easy test but a very important one that detects Cervical Cancer at an early stage! Cervical Cancer is curable and very easily handled if detected so grab this amazing offer! Get a free consultation at any of Zulekha Hospital or Clinics in UAE until the 30th of June! I want to be the Encyclopaedia of good help and this is my first step towards spreading positivity and happiness.

Dr. Layla Mohamed Al Marzouqi, Director of DHA Health Regulation and Dubai Medical Tourism Project endorses #SmearDontFear , the cervical cancer awareness campaign by ZULEKHA HOSPITAL




Exclusive Discounts Only With Designer Monica Bhayana

As my drive to spread happiness to all my friends and followers brings exclusive discounts only with Designer Monica Bhayana at Divalicious on 15th and 16th of April, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel.

Visit her counter to experience exquisite kashmiri work on different fabrics and various options of stitching for any sizes! And the icing on the cake is that her work is very affordable yet very exclusive and beautiful!

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Try it ! Very good for bones, burning fat & heart n eyes too!

Take a spoon full On empty stomach with a warm glass of water. Very good for bones, increasing metabolism, burning fat, very good for heart n eyes too! Mix 2 portions of fenugreek powder, with 2 potions of black sesame powder and 2 portions of cinnamon powder with 3 potions of honey and store in cool n dry place.

Fenugreek promotes glucose metabolism in the body and improves insulin resistance. This in turn helps balance your hormones. It may also help lower cholesterol, aid weight loss and promote healthy heart functioning!

Researchers from Columbia University have found that cinnamon supplementation can help improve menstrual cyclicity in women with PCOS. Plus, a pilot study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility indicates that this herb can help reduce insulin resistance in women with PCOS.

Black Sesame seeds are a good source of hair nourishing vitamins and minerals such as copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B1, amino acids, selenium, and dietary fiber. Plus, these tiny seeds also contain natural antioxidants

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The skin is one of the most powerful indicators of health. Wrinkles, dry or oily skin, acne, and inflammation all are signs of poor internal health, often brought on by consuming unhealthful foods and avoiding skin-healthy nutrients. To treat skin problems, most people turn to mainstream topical cosmetics, including lotions, soaps, scrubs, toners, and creams. However, treating outer blemishes with expensive, chemical-laden beauty products does little to address the root cause of the problem: poor nutrition and exposure to toxins in dietary and personal care products.